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    Shehecheyanu for the Omer – Emor

    shehecheyanuThis week’s portion commands, “You shall count from… the day you bring the omer of the waving, seven complete weeks” (Lev. 23:15).

    When we usher in a special occasion we generally say the Shehecheyanu blessing, but not when we start counting the Omer at the start of the seven weeks between Pesach and Shavu’ot.

    This is probably because the counting was an exciting prelude to a series of rituals that took place when the Temple was standing, and now we do not have a Temple.

    Some also say that though we are happy to start counting the days we never know for certain that we will complete the count and observe Shavu’ot.

    Of course this is a fear that affects every bone of us at all times. We are never certain what next year or even tomorrow will bring.

    The most we can do is to live today wisely and well and pray that God will bless us to complete our days in peace and blessing.

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