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    Ask the Rabbi

    To search for a specific topic, use the search bar in the menu on the right. To ask a question, use the form at the bottom of the page.

    A collection of Rabbi Apple’s “Ask the Rabbi” features is now available in book form.

    Please note: The “Ask the Rabbi” questions address general issues of Jewish practice and belief – please consult your (Orthodox) rabbi for halachic guidance on specific matters as they relate to your situation.

    Afterlife Family & Children Sport
    Angels Food & Kashrut Superstition
    Animals Gentiles & Other Faiths Synagogue
    Antisemitism & Racism God Tefillin
    Bar/Bat Mitzvah Head Covering Tzitzit/Tallit
    Belief Holocaust War & Peace
    Bible/Tanach Israel Women’s Issues
    The Body Kohanim
    Business & Economy Law & Government Other
    Calendar & Dates Marriage & Divorce
    Charity Medical & Health Issues
    Chassidut Messiah
    Circumcision Mezuzah
    Commandments/Mitzvot Miracles
    Conversion Mysticism
    Crime & Punishment Nature & Environment
    Culture Prayer
    Death & Bereavement Rabbis
    Defining Jews & Judaism Relationships & Dating
    Education & Study Science & Technology
    Ethics Shabbat

    To ask a question, please use the form below.

    Please note: Due to the volume of correspondence received, Rabbi Apple may not be able to respond individually.

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