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    Eating your bread – B’chukkotai

    One of the blessings envisaged in today’s parashah is “You shall eat your bread to satiety and dwell in safety in your land” (Lev. 26:5).

    It does not say, “You shall eat bread”, but “you shall eat your bread” – the blessing is when the bread is yours, earned honestly by your own effort.

    Eat someone else’s bread and you will never be at ease with your conscience. Take advantage of others and you will regret it all your life. Twist the system to your own advantage and you will get no benefit or advantage.

    So your house is not as luxurious as your neighbour’s? So you don’t drive such a good car? So you don’t have such elaborate holidays?

    Live at peace with what you have gained honestly, however simple and unsophisticated it is. Be grateful for the results of the sweat of your brow – eat whatever bread is yours, and thank God for what you have.

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