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    The will to good

    The last month has been full of pain. We have suffered grievously at the hands of those who assert religiosity but have no feelings for religion.

    Herzl says that God is the Will to Good which always prevails in the end. In the meantime, the Bible assures us that in time of calamity God suffers with us. Suffering extends to God too, and we expect Him to proclaim morality and to protect the people of Israel… and Himself.

    Primo Levi said, “If I were God I would spit” (“Survival in Auschwitz”, 1961). There are times when God has no choice but to spit at those who claim to act in His name.

    Herzl was no paragon of orthodoxy but believed that people should be true to God. His idea of God is far from traditional but despite what it leaves out he is right that no-one can talk of God without the doing of good.

    Strangely, evilly, some of our enemies pretend that only they have the right to promote their religion but no-one else (Jews, Christians, whatever) has a similar right and must be stripped of their humanness and humanity. We insist that all faiths have a right to be.

    People sometimes say that we are not being faced by “the real Islam” which presumably has a streak of tolerance.

    Hopefully God will exercise His omnipotence by weakening and overpowering the enemy and preventing their getting away with their gross inhumanity.

    #Hamas #Gaza #Palestinians #War

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