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    Thrown out of Judaism? – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. Can anyone be thrown out of Judaism?

    Baruch Spinoza

    A. Unfortunately there are Jews who do not think, speak, believe or act in accordance with Jewish tradition and ideals, and that is certainly a pity, a tragedy, even a catastrophe… but once a Jew always a Jew.

    You are a Jew because of who you are, which is basically an ethnic matter, a matter of peoplehood. Judaism is a religious culture but Jewish culture is inseparable from Jewish peoplehood. Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people.

    A Jew who is disloyal is still a Jew. A Jew who does not live as a Jew is still Jewish. The rabbis of Amsterdam tried to punish Spinoza for wrong ideas but they couldn’t prevent him remaining a Jew.

    The answer to your question is “No”.

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