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    Judaic Judaism – No’ach

    The seven “laws of the sons of Noah” are a basic code that is even more foundational for humanity than the Ten Commandments. They prohibit murder, idolatry, incest, blasphemy, theft, injustice and eating the flesh of a living animal (Sanh. 56a/b).

    These Noachide Laws are incumbent upon every human being. Jews have a further series of commandments which mark us as Judaic Jews, a phrase used by the historian Arnold Toynbee.

    Non-Jews however are expected to be Christian monotheists who take Christianity seriously, or Muslim monotheists who take Islam seriously.

    This does not denote any disrespect towards non-monotheists like Buddhists or Hindus, but Biblical thinking regards non-monotheists as lacking in true belief.

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