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    The doubter’s prayer

    Some people are uncertain about whether they believe in God, so they say they can’t be asked to come to synagogue and pray.

    We see their point, but feeling unable to pray is no argument against prayer. It is precisely in moments of doubt that worship is relevant and important.

    What sort of prayer should the doubter say?

    Two possibilities. One, “God, I’m not sure I believe in You but please help me one way or the other. If deep down I really do really believe in You, please assure me of Your existence; if deep down I am still a doubter, please assure me that You wish me well.”

    Further, you could tell God, “I’m not sure You are there, but if You are, this is what I would like to say to You…”

    Both prayers give God the benefit of the doubt and leave your intellect intact.

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