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    The rights of women – Pinchas

    The daughters of Tz’lof’chad, Foster Bible Pictures

    The portions at the end of Sefer B’midbar (an example is Parashat Pinchas) bring to our attention the problem of the daughters of Tzelof’chad who felt left out of history because they were denied legal rights.

    The Torah takes up their case and assures us that they would not suffer because their father died without sons. The story is addressed by Rev Ephraim Levine who makes the point that the daughters “succeeded, apparently without much difficulty, in establishing their rights to inherit”.

    These days there are many Jewish women who feel slighted by the law, and one of the great achievements of recent decades has been the dignified way in which women’s position has been ameliorated. Not, as Rav Moshe points out, by political militancy but by careful and respectful study of the halachic sources.

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