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    Sabbath of vision

    Because the haftarah begins “Chazon Yeshayahu ben Amotz”, “The Vision of Isaiah the son of Amotz” (Isa. 1:1), this is Shabbat Chazon.

    If you take the word chazon literally you find the prophet warning the people that he sees only doom if they turn away. But if they accept reproof, the vision of what is ahead will be positive and pleasant.

    It is interesting that chazon is related to chazzan, a cantor. Originally the chazzan was the community administrator, who oversaw (hence the link with vision) the community and its worship services.

    Gradually the chazzan became the musician/singer/officiant, but the idea of a vision did not disappear as he trained the people to see the visions of spirituality in the prayers.

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