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    What lies ahead – Sh’lach L’cha

    The spies bring back their report, from a 1907 Bible card

    Moses is told to send out spies to try and find out what lies ahead for the Israelites.

    It is always good to know what is likely to happen. As the proverb says, forewarned is forearmed.

    In one area, however, it’s unwise to try to know too much. That area is the personal future ahead of us. Will we live to a ripe old age? Will we be healthy? Will our minds be unclouded?

    Few people are like Jacob, who knew what was going to happen, and those who do know soon find that God steps in as He did to Jacob and ensures that the future is not revealed. It would not be good to know everything that lies ahead.

    If the future is good we might become lazy and say, “Things are going to be good regardless of whether I work for them”.

    If the future is bad, why should we know it all and lose the will to live and strive?

    What we all need to do is to strive and work in the hope that it will make a difference. What we have to say is that if things don’t turn out well, we did at least make a solid effort.

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