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    Aaron’s campaign for peace – B’ha’alot’cha

    18th century Dutch oak statue of Aaron, the High Priest

    The Ethics of the Fathers tell us to be like one of the disciples of Aaron the high priest, who loved peace and pursued it (Avot 1:2).

    Aaron’s method was impressive. He brought peace to his fellow Israelites by going to someone who was at odds with his fellow and saying, “If only you knew how sorry the other person is, and how much he wants to be reconciled to you!” He would then go to the other person and say the same thing.

    When the two people met again, they had already forgiven each other in their hearts. What a wonderful way of making peace!

    Our question, however, is how Aaron could say something which was not entirely true. Peace is a great principle, but so is truth!

    One rabbinic explanation is that Aaron was not telling a lie but what he was doing – for the sake of peace – is speaking prophetically, saying something that would eventually become the established way of thinking.

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