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    The Godless commandments

    Moses & Aaron with the Ten Commandments, by Aron de Chavez c.1675

    What a strange paradox. The people who least care about religion are the ones who claim to live by the Ten Commandments. Tell them that the first few mitzvot are about God and they try to wriggle out of that one.

    Commandment No. 1 says there is a God and He brought us out of Egypt. If you don’t believe in God you presumably claim that all the credit for the Exodus goes to Moses.

    More important, if you don’t believe in God you presumably think the world just got there and you simply don’t know how (Charles Darwin’s theories are no answer).

    It’s very nice and impressive to affirm the ethical commandments about not killing, stealing, committing adultery, twisting the truth, etc., but if God isn’t the source and sanction of these ethical laws how do we know the laws are valid?

    Yes, you can argue that every human society has worked out its own standards of good and evil, but earthly standards differ and there are some societies that believe it’s good to kill and good to lie, so everything becomes subjective and confusing.

    We’re better off with God!

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