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    Kaddish by women – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. Can women say Kaddish?

    A. There are voices on both sides of the debate.

    The “pro” case says that there is no direct prohibition of Mourners’ Kaddish being said by women in the presence of a minyan.

    It is pointed out that in some communities it was once the practice for Kaddish to be said publicly by one person on behalf of all the mourners, but now that it is more usual for every mourner to say their own Kaddish from their place in the synagogue there cannot be any objection to a woman mourner saying an individual Kaddish.

    Kaddish is an elevation of the departed soul. It brings comfort to whoever says it, male or female, and its spiritual and psychological value should not be minimised.

    When there has been a bereavement, the saying of Kaddish should be encouraged – amongst women as well as men.

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