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    Where were the women? – Va’era

    In its narration of events the Torah tends to focus on the men and does not always indicate the piety and good sense of the women.

    Yet it was because of women’s merits that the Israelites were redeemed from Egypt (Sotah 11b). They did not join in the sin of the making of the Golden Calf (Midrash Tanchuma). On the other hand, when it came to building the Tabernacle, the enthusiasm and generosity of the women were outstanding (Ex. 35).

    What a pity it is that Jewish history does not always acknowledge the greatness and piety of the women.

    Some thinkers argue that women are more naturally spiritual than the men and hence they need less rituals to show their love of God.

    These days the women of the Jewish people are often remarkably committed to religious worship and Torah study.

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