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    Who will the next leader be? – D’varim

    If a leader is sensible enough and humble enough to select and train a successor, what qualities does he consider the successor must have?

    If we take a lesson from Moses we see that he values people who are wise, discerning and well known (Deut. 1:13)… wise because they think clearly, discerning because they can see beneath the surface of every situation (Rashi), and well known because they are viewed as reliable and are trusted by the people and are dependable arbiters and judges (Ramban).

    When Moses tells the people that they should find men with these qualities he gets the response, Tov hadavar asher dibar’ta la’asot (“The word you have spoken to do is right”).

    That’s the way an election should be conducted, not being taken in by candidates who exude charisma or make glib, insincere promises, but seeking and endorsing people of quality who have a good track record.

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