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    Fifteen words of blessing – Naso

    The Torah is full of thought-jewels. This week’s reading is especially significant because it contains the precious jewel of the priestly blessing.

    The Hebrew text of the blessing has 15 words, reminiscent of the 15 steps that led up to the main court of the sanctuary in Temple times and of the 15 Songs of Ascents (the Shirei HaMa’alot) which constitute one of the great sections of the Book of Psalms.

    Since 15 is the numerical value of one of the Divine Names, God is heard behind and through each of the words of the Birkat Kohanim.

    Beginning with security and prosperity, the blessing moves to spiritual quality in the light of God’s countenance and concludes with shalom, peace, symbolising completeness.

    When the blessing is pronounced, this last word tells us that the greatest boon is when everything is right and complete and in place.

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