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    The Purim pretence

    Acting out the Purim story has a great history.

    The Si’ach Yitzchak (Yitzchak Weiss) thought that it echoes the evil Haman, who pretended to be genuinely concerned for the welfare of the king.

    The Talmud (Meg. 12a) says that things often have hidden motives. Tosafot (RH 3a) says that Haman’s ancestors tried to defeat Israel by changing their voices and their clothing.

    A piyyut for the Shabbat before Purim says kesut v’lashon shinah – “he changed his voice and his clothing”. How can we let ourselves pretend to be our enemies, the Amalekites and the wicked Hamanites?

    Simply because we are so accustomed to being victims and it is good to see our enemies brought low despite all their pretensions.

    May the time soon come when all the antisemites turn into clowns without dignity or power.

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