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    The miracle of the mother – Tazria

    The name of the sidra tells us that we will be reading about childbirth.

    On one level the sidra is giving us details of the laws of post-birth ritual purification. On another level it is emphasising the great miracle of procreation.

    Having a baby is the way that the individual is endowed with immortality, the way the family is granted continuity, the way the human race is given a future.

    Over the many years in which I was blessed to be a teacher of Judaism I was often asked why God doesn’t perform any miracles these days. I always had an answer to this question. I said that there are countless wonders that enrich our lives, and the two greatest are the continuation of life itself and the giving of new life.

    An additional question that I was often asked is whether the Jewish woman is inferior to the man, and my answer was always the same – that woman is the greater gender because she is the one who ushers in the future of humanity.

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