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    Kashrut & other people – Mishpatim

    One of the laws in the reading this week is that of kashrut. Keeping kosher seems to be a law that applies between man and God, so what is it doing in the midst of a section of laws between man and man?

    In one sense, it is a theme that functions between a person and him- or herself. Keeping kosher is a mark of strength of character. You know what sort of person you are if you have the will and conscience to choose to eat kosher.

    Another consideration is that though our food regimen comes from God, we have to be able to trust the human beings who administer it. If you can trust the shochet, the mashgi’ach and the retailer, you are not only assured that the food is religiously acceptable; you have also shown that you can have confidence in other people.

    It goes without saying that the professionals who provide the food have to be honest and reliable and realise that other people have to be treated correctly and fairly.

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