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    Three steps up – Lech L’cha

    Abraham’s journey to Canaan, by József Molnár, 1850

    At the beginning of the sidra, God tells our patriarch Abraham to leave his land, his kindred and his father’s house (Gen. 12:1).

    Nachmanides sees a series of challenges in these three elements of Abraham’s background.

    It is hard to leave one’s country, but if it has to be done, one can manage it. It is harder to leave the kindred with whom one’s upbringing has been bound up, but if one makes a big enough effort it is possible.

    Hardest of all is leaving one’s parental home, with all its memories, feelings and associations, but a person of courage and faith can achieve it.

    Nachmanides says that Abraham left all three, to show how great was his love of God.

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