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    Saints in the city – Vayyera

    Abraham sees Sodom in flames, by James Tissot c.1896

    God is willing to negotiate. If there are sufficient righteous people within the city, He will be forbearing and forgiving (Gen. 18:26). The phrase “within the city” is to be taken literally.

    To find righteous people in the synagogue or house of study is taken for granted. To find righteous people on sacred occasions can also be assumed.

    Look back a few weeks to Yom Kippur. Even though the day was much more difficult this year, it still brought out the best in almost all of us. To be a righteous person in shule or on a holy day is almost automatic.

    But to be righteous “within the city”, that’s another thing. There are temptations all around, invitations to unrighteousness, addictions that lead us away from God and His Torah.

    We have to try to be righteous wherever we walk, wherever we work, wherever we lie down and wherever we rise up.

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