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    Parting of the ways – Lech L’cha

    Abraham & Lot separating

    Abraham and Lot decide to part company. One will go to the right, the other to the left.

    The question is why their separation takes place when their shepherds have had a quarrel. Surely it is the two principals, Abraham and Lot, who should work out the situation: why let the servants, the shepherds, necessitate the decisions?

    It is out of character for Abraham not to be tolerant and patient, even if Lot irks him.

    The problem is that each group of shepherds backs their own employer. Lot has nasty, grasping servants for whom Abraham and his servants need to be put down.

    Abraham’s own workers are alarmed and they feel that the Lot brigade is unfair and unappreciative. Each group of servants defends their own employers.

    With servants like these, it is best for Abraham and Lot to separate.

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