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    Abraham’s accords – Vayyera

    Abraham & Sarah, by James Tissot c. 1896

    B’reshit is the book of biography. Beginning with Adam and Eve, it introduces us to the succession of generations with an emphasis on the patriarch Abraham.

    Abraham is the dynamic initiator who establishes the Jewish people and their land. His faith and courage lay the foundations for the future.

    Where Parashat No’ach is understood by the sages as a contrast between No’ach and Abraham, Parashat Vayyera makes a contrast between Moses and Abraham a historical inevitability – Abraham as the knight of faith, Moses as the builder of the community.

    In Abraham we see how the Divine word calls to the individual, in Moses the Word calls to the people. Each man stands on a mountain: Abraham on Moriah, Moses on Sinai

    Without Abraham there could be no Judaism. Nor could there be a Judaism without Moses.

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