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    The spiritual bank account – Sukkot

    There are four plants associated with Sukkot – the lulav (palm), etrog, hadassim (myrtle) and aravot (willow).

    There is a Midrash (Lev. Rabbah 30:10) that says the Torah speaks of the importance of the etrog, which the Torah calls “the fruit of a goodly tree”. The Midrash says, “This refers to Abraham”.

    In the Zohar there is a statement that whatever good deed you do any day is a symbolic deposit in your spiritual bank account.

    Most people have quite a good balance in their account, but there are some days without good deeds and without new bank deposits, whilst Abraham was consistent in always adding to the deeds of the day.

    The etrog symbolises the goodly man, the goodly deed and the goodly spiritual credit.

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