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    Finding my place – Nitzavim

    The sidra begins with a command about what to do when we enter the Land.

    There are several levels on which to understand the word “land”. One is existential. At any moment we might find ourselves to be somewhere, in a unique situation that does not necessarily connect with other people, places or moments.

    The supreme existential experience is the moment of death. We live with others, but we die alone. Others may be by our side, but they can only accompany us up to a certain point; thereafter we are on our own. Nothing more can be done with us or for us. Rashi says, “Nothing is with us except silence”.

    But aloneness is not the only possibility. We cross the bridge by ourselves, but not entirely so. We can hold God’s hand. O God, beyad’cha afkid ruchi – into your hand I entrust my spirit: HaShem li v’lo iyra, be with me and I shall not fear.

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