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    Filling in my diary – Pinchas

    One of the deprivations of the Covid period was the shuttering of the book and stationery shops which added to everything the difficulty of buying new diaries.

    In my case I found a way of getting a diary online and was able to go through it and add the Jewish dates page by page. Strangely, this made it a bit easier to keep the Jewish practices which have punctuated my year for so long.

    Hence, long before Pesach arrived, I had already thought about the Seder and the Haggadah, about how to manage Pesach shopping when we were unable to go very far from our home, and how to run a Seder restricted to my wife and myself. Long before Sukkot I gave thought to our Sukkah and our Arba’h Minim.

    Actually even in a normal year everyone should plan the outline of the days, weeks and months to come. And a useful way of starting would be to work through the sidra we read this week with its list of high days and holy days – not to forget Shabbat.

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