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    Only in the sanctuary – B’ha’alot’cha

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe points out that amongst the rules appertaining to the menorah, there is a limitation that says that only in the sanctuary (the Tabernacle, the Temple) can the menorah be lit.

    The sanctuary is not the only holy place, but there are levels of holiness that reach their peak there.

    Can the same thing be said of the synagogue? Possibly not, since the sanctuary and the synagogue have different roles.

    The sanctuary is a place of sanctity where man and God encounter one another.

    The synagogue is not necessarily a concentration of sacredness. It is a convenient locale for study, davening and assembly. Important as the synagogue is, its role may be performed in many other places, not least in a person’s home.

    Indeed, the most sacred entity which we have these days in the absence of a Temple is the human being.

    One of the worst things a person can do is to besmirch their personal sanctity by doing silly, salacious and selfish things.

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