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    Badges & flags – Naso

    In the years in the wilderness, the Israelites camped around the Tabernacle with each tribe demarcated by their own flag.

    The flag represented stability: “This is our regular, established place!” It represented unity: “In our tribe we belong to one another!” It represented distinctiveness: “Our flag shows our particular mission and task!”

    Let us instance three tribes and their symbols as described in the Midrash.

    Judah had a blue symbol and its logo was the lion. The lion represented strength and power; the blue represented heaven. Taken together, the emblems of Judah stood for the powerful God in heaven.

    Issachar had a black logo; its logo was the sun and moon. The black stood for the duty to blot out any ideas that disturbed the light and truth of the creation.

    Zebulun had a white symbol; its logo was a ship. The white stood for ethical cleanness and decency; the ship suggested that wherever one went, the Divine moral law was still applicable.

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