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    Having a holiday – K’doshim

    The English word “holiday” was originally “holyday”.

    In Judaism every day is or ought to be a holyday. Not in the sense of a day off, but in the sense of devoting the day to holiness, everyday holiness in which whatever we do, say or think is in accord with the teaching of the Torah.

    Holiness is being thoughtful to others and enriching their lives, not exploiting or cheating them. For details consult the sidra K’doshim, with its rule, “You shall be holy people”.

    There is a commentary on K’doshim which I am fond of quoting: Kaddesh atzm’cha b’muttar lach, “Make yourself holy in everything that is permitted to you”.

    You can eat and drink, but do it in a holy fashion, not like a ravening beast. Walk, sit and stand – but do it with dignity, not in a sloppy fashion. Practice a trade, but do so with honesty and honour. Speak, but not with vulgarity or venom.

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