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    Counting the days – Emor

    The parashah commands us to count seven weeks from Pesach to Shavu’ot (Lev. 23:15).

    It is not the only example of counting in Jewish life. The most regular count is the days of the week that lead up to Shabbat.

    So important is it that the days other than Shabbat have no specific names but are yom rishon, the first day, yom sheni, the second day, and so on.

    The week is given an aim by its Sabbath. Everything special is dedicated to Shabbat. The Ten Commandments say, “Remember the Sabbath day”, though the phrase does not limit itself to a vague thought which pops up and vanishes. It requires an active commitment.

    Last Shabbat lingers until next Shabbat looms close. Already on Wednesday we should be saying, “Soon it will be Shabbat and we have preparations to make”. Not just of food but ideas: “What Torah thoughts shall we discuss at the table?”

    By Wednesday you should start getting ready including inviting the guests with whom you will share the day.

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