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    What did they do with Moses? – T’tzavveh

    The first word in the parashah is v’attah – “and you”. Who is the “you”?

    The context makes it clear that it is Moses – but he isn’t named, and in fact nowhere in the sidra do we encounter his name. He is certainly there, just as God is certainly there throughout the Megillah which we read this week on Purim.

    But with God there is a suggestion that comes from Him Himself. In rabbinic literature He even tells the Jewish people to leave out His name: “Let them forget Me”, He says… but the full sentence is, “Let them forget Me but keep My Torah”.

    In regard to Moses we might echo the Divine statement – leave out the actual name of Moses if you must, but don’t leave out the commandments which he received from the Almighty Lawgiver.

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