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    What a year since last Purim

    We had a lively Purim table last year. Nobody had any inkling of what was to come.

    By Boris Shapiro

    The virus knew precisely when to attack, in the midst of lively spirits and party hats.

    We would like to phone around and invite everybody again but we still aren’t sure. We could have a table of lively guests, but would it be a good idea? Nobody knows.

    We might have to trade Purim for Pesach. If we want a family Seder on Pesach we might have to limit our Purim.

    Whatever we end up doing we will wish each other (presumably virtually) all the blessings that God can give us. May they be blessings of health.

    Neither this year nor ever should there be too much inebriation or extremes. Never should anyone go in for binge drinking, which is neither required by halachah nor good for anyone’s health.

    #coronavirus #corona #covid-19 #covid19 #pandemic

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