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    Seven times Shabbat – Ki Tissa

    The Torah reading this week refers to Shabbat seven times, which leads Rabbi Yitzchak to say in the Mechilta that the days of the week should all be counted as part of the seven-day week.

    Sunday is the first day to next Shabbat, Monday is the second, Tuesday is the third… and so on.

    Every day one should add a piece of the plan for the coming Shabbat.

    On Sunday we could start the week by working out what we will spend for Shabbat. On Monday we could nominate one of the things we will dedicate to Shabbat. On Tuesday we could plan whom to invite for Shabbat meals. On Wednesday we could decide what we will talk about on Shabbat.

    Every day is thus a part of Shabbat in some way – seven days, seven ways, seven thoughts, seven blessings.

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