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    People of copper, people of gold – T’tzavveh

    Parashat T’tzavveh focusses on the Sanctuary and its appurtenances.

    The Sanctuary vessels were variegated and each had its own function. The Lubavitcher Rebbe used to compare them to human beings. Just as each Temple vessel had its own purpose, so each human being has a personal, unique contribution to make to the world.

    None is a clone of the other. Some are good at learning: others are good at other things. Some are people of copper: some are people of gold.

    That doesn’t mean that some are more valuable and others more worthless. It means that the community is not all stamped out on the same cookie cutters, each with the same appearance or identical personality.

    Being human has many possibilities, and nobody should feel bad if they are not like other people.

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