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    Choshen Mishpat – T’tzavveh

    One of the volumes of the Code of Jewish Law is Choshen Mishpat, which deals with how to administer a legal system.

    The name comes from the Torah reading this week, where it says (Ex. 28:15), “Let them make Me a breastplate of judgment” – v’asita choshen mishpat. Rashi says that the word “judgment” is used because it atones for perversions of justice.

    Part of the breastplate is the urim and tummim, “the lights and ideals”, since through them a truly just (i.e. ideal) decision is clarified (Num. 27:21).

    The choshen is to be ma’aseh choshev, “the work of a skilled craftsman”. Nothing important should be done in a slipshod or haphazard way.

    “Good enough” is never good enough. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it fully and properly. It takes more effort, but otherwise the task can be completely spoilt.

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