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    VIP treatment – Yitro

    Jethro sent Moses a message that he was coming for a visit. Moses, Aaron and all the people came out to greet the important visitor.

    Jethro visits Moses, by Gerard Jollain, 1670

    Did Jethro want or need this VIP treatment?

    The truth is that it was not Moses and Aaron and the people as individuals who were there to greet Jethro, but as embodiments of the faith of Israel.

    Jethro had long experience of human movements and ideologies; he had (according to the Midrash) looked into every faith and every form of idolatry; but now he had come to the realisation that HaShem was the true God.

    What Moses and the welcoming party were doing was giving honour to an eminent man who had found the true faith.

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