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    Being in isolation – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. Why is isolation called Biddud in Hebrew?

    A. The word badad – meaning alone – comes a number of times in the Bible.

    The concept of isolation derives from the law of the leper: “He shall dwell alone: outside the camp shall his habitation be” (Lev. 13:46). To isolate the leper was a protection for the community, a precaution to reduce the risk of contagion.

    But there are types of isolation which have no connection with public health.

    Abraham isolated himself from a corrupting environment. Moses isolated himself on Mount Sinai to commune with God. Bilam went off to be alone when he had a big decision to make. Elijah isolated himself to get away from Ahab and to find serenity of spirit.

    As community-minded people we believe in being with others and not to segregate ourselves like monks. But apart from the health issues that have affected us for months there are times to be alone for the sake of our spirit.

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