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    Menorah on the Arch of Titus

    The Arch of Titus in Rome carries a relief of the plundered Temple menorah. It has been there since 81 CE and is based on a triumphant procession with the sacred items from the Temple.

    However, the menorah on the arch is rather lopsided, which could not have been because it was carved from memory. If it had been, the menorah shape would have been known and faithfully reproduced.

    It is more likely that the misshapen menorah was deliberately carved on the arch to show disdain for the Jews and their symbols.

    Another possibility is that the original graceful menorah in the Temple had already been replaced by King Herod the Roman puppet as a symbol of Jewish humiliation.

    Herod was guilty of many offences against Judaism and used the opportunity of his works on and in the Temple to distort the menorah in order to gain favour from Rome.

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