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    Raiders of the lost ark – No’ach

    Human beings get their ten minutes of fame in all sorts of ways. An example is the sporadic “discoverers” of Noah’s Ark.

    Mount Ararat certainly exists (there are also places called Ararat in Australia, the USA. and other countries – maybe because there might have been flooding in these areas at one time. Who knows?).

    The realistic possibility of finding the Biblical ark is highly remote, however. It was all so long ago, and who can be certain that something reminiscent of a boat, even if its proportions are roughly similar to those in the Bible, really does date back to Noah?

    Probably more important is to find a meaning for life in the Noah story.

    For example: can wicked people or groups get away with their evil and corruption for ever, without God taking a stand? If the world seems to be on the verge of destruction or self-destruction, can we be certain that it will survive?

    After all, God promised never again to send an all-encompassing flood, but did He promise that other types of destruction would never occur?

    If we are caught up, as individuals, groups or nations, in destruction, how can we help ourselves to survive, and if we do survive, how should we celebrate our survival and build on it wisely and responsibly?

    The story of Noah and the flood evokes so many questions: can we find the answers?

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