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    Miraculous structure – B’reshit

    A visit to a medical centre with its long lists of specialists ought to make a person more religious.

    We are created so intricately that every part and function of the body is designed to interact with every other.

    Sometimes there is a problem, and then – thanks to the Divine blessing which has endowed man with so many talents – specialists can work on the particular element which needs support and repair, and restore the equilibrium of the body.

    Judaism recognised long ago that the wisdom with which the human body is designed needed regular acknowledgment: hence the Asher Yatzar blessing which is said after going to the bathroom.

    Its theme is there in the opening words, “Blessed are You… who formed man with wisdom”, and reinforced in the closing phrase, “Blessed are You, who heals all flesh and acts wondrously”.

    It is indeed a miracle that our various parts are there and that they function efficiently. It is also a wondrous gift that medical specialists can be God’s partners in bestowing healing when it becomes necessary.

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