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    Your children too – Nitzavim

    Parashat Nitzavim promises a reward for our t’shuvah: “The Lord will open up your heart and the heart of your children” (Deut. 30:6).

    The S’fat Emet asks why the verse mentions our children. Surely the opening up of our hearts automatically brings dividends of Divine favour to our children!

    The S’fat Emet points out, however, the nature of the benefit which our children receive. If we lead an upright life it will be an example to our children, and they too will be likely to live according to the Almighty’s ways.

    This is one of the basic principles laid down in the Ten Commandments: if we live uprightly, our children are likely to follow… but if we (God forbid) commit transgressions, our children too will be tempted to sin.

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