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    With God on our side – Sh’lach L’cha

    When the twelve spies came back from finding out what the Promised Land was like, they brought conflicting reports.

    The spies bring back their report, from a 1907 Bible card

    Ten spies were pessimistic and had only seen the bad things. Two, Joshua and Caleb, were optimistic. It was not that they failed to notice the bad things but they had an extra consideration – “If God helps us we will be all right”.

    Isn’t that good advice at any stage in history?

    If we have to make the decisions we may well find the challenges overwhelming, but with God on side it can work… and because He is our stay and support we will dream of the stars and eventually get there.

    That is what the final words of Adon Olam tell us: HaShem li v’lo ira, “The Lord is with me and I will not fear”.

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