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    What is Israel really like? – Sh’lach L’cha

    Moses and the Children of Israel are curious. They are on the way to the land God promised.

    For years now they have been stuck in a wilderness, trudging along and wondering if they will ever get to a destination. God has kept their spirits up by assuring them that a land of milk and honey is ahead.

    But why is He saying this? Is it simply to stop them giving up? That is why the tribes send out an exploratory mission.

    Now jump across the centuries and think of the era we are living in.

    Making Aliyah is urged upon us all the time, but will it work? Is Israel really so magnificent that we dare not stay in the Diaspora for another moment?

    The fact is, if you live in Israel, you are well aware that life there is not perfect. Maybe some things are even worse than people imagine. But instead of looking at politics and economics, look at ethos.

    In statistical terms Israel is more or less the happiest place on earth, irrespective of the problems and posers. Life in Israel has one overriding dimension – it is always on a high.

    It’s good to be in Israel!

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