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    Ascending levels – B’ha’alot’cha

    Beginning with the first important word in the Torah reading, this week we learn about kindling the lights in the sanctuary.

    The verb used is a-l-h, going up. The nature of candlelight is to go up, and the task of those who kindled the lamps was to ensure that the lights worked properly and rose up.

    The Ramchal says in his Mesillat Yesharim that there are several levels in the service of God.

    The simplest level is to keep to the physical commandments such as those that deal with what to eat (e.g. matzah on Pesach) and what not to eat (e.g. milk and meat combined). Before long one is so accustomed to the basic level that it becomes second nature, and one is ready for the next level.

    Stage by stage we elevate ourselves so that we eventually reach the highest level that is possible for a human being.

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