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    Rationale or response

    The pandemic has shaken everyone in every nation. We are all affected and scared.

    When it is over – with God’s help! – we will all want the international community to find ways of sensing and if possible preventing such horrific things.

    In the meantime we all have questions about how it started and whether there were any warning signs.

    Asking questions is fair enough for the long term. At this stage, more important than answers about who, where, why and what, is to find a response.

    In connection with the Holocaust, great thinkers – Soloveitchik, Berkovits and Fackenheim – said it was not a time for answers but responses.

    For the present we cannot hug and kiss each other but we can obey instructions, honour the medical and auxiliary experts who work so hard to protect us, be in touch with each other in “virtual” ways, say T’hillim and pray for God’s mercy.

    #coronavirus #corona #covid-19 #covid19 #pandemic

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