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    How can we say Shehecheyanu at this time?

    How can we begin Pesach this year with the Shehecheyanu blessing?

    Things are gloomy and it’s hard to rejoice. But if we accentuate the positive, our debits have not overwhelmed our credits.

    There are three things that Shehecheyanu tells us:

    1. “God has kept us in life”.

    His greatest gift is life. We can smell the fresh air, enjoy the trees and flowers, know how blessed we are in those we love. We rejoice in His (and our) miracles, not least the medical profession who watch over us on God’s behalf.

    Sometimes like Jonah we want to give up on everything, but we wake up the next morning and know that there are wonderful things to enjoy and good deeds to do.

    2. “God has preserved us”.

    Life is sometimes dangerous. Thank God we generally get through the day safe. We will surmount this time too.

    3. “God has enabled us to reach this season” – even with its limitations and challenges.

    And though some may have to pay a heavy price, almost all of us will get through the crisis and see the new age.

    Chag Same’ach!

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