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    Sanctuaries in time – Vayakhel

    Though the Torah reading focusses on the Mishkan, the tabernacle built in the wilderness, it begins by stating the law of Shabbat (Ex. 35:1-2).

    Rashi explains that this shows that not even for the building of the tabernacle may Shabbat be broken.

    The thought behind this rule may possibly be that the tabernacle represents holy space while the Sabbath is holy time.

    Both are essential to Jewish life, but if they are in conflict the top priority goes to time.

    By establishing sanctuaries in time we carry holiness with us. We can be holy outside the holy space which is represented by the tabernacle, the temple or – in the world of today – the synagogue.

    We invest every moment with meaning and enrich every moment with inspiration and opportunity.

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