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    Covid-19 – “How Long, O Lord?”

    The world has often been written off as an incurable invalid but somehow it has come through the crises.

    Early in B’reshit the Creator promises not to destroy His Creation. I am sure He will keep His word.

    Our problem is that we are uncertain of His timetable. The Tehillim ask, “How long, O Lord? How long?”

    Whenever human beings were in agony they feared that He had removed His presence.

    Every time, however, He showed us that He only seems to be absent; in the long run His mills grind the challenge into small pieces and He affirms that He is in charge.

    We must never lose our faith.

    Some places, some people might pay a heavier price than others – but the prophets assure us, Netzach Yisra’el lo yeshakker – “The Eternal One of Israel does not deceive.”

    The Hallel says, Gavar alenu chasdo – “His lovingkindness prevails eternally.”

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