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    They saw God & the sea

    The Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea “and the nation saw God”. The people perceived or apprehended God’s presence in the deeds He did for them.

    The Midrash is certain that when the Israelites crossed the sea on dry land no-one could have had the slightest doubt that God had done a great, unique thing for them.

    The Mechilta, quoted by Rashi, says that human beings perceive a range of expressions of God’s nature when they think of His deeds. At the Red Sea he was the saving warrior; at Mount Sinai He was the wise sage.

    God says, “I am the Lord your God. I am in Egypt, I am at the Sea, I am at Sinai, I am in the past, I am in the future, I am in this world, I am in the World to Come”.

    When Judaism acclaims God, as it does constantly, it does not speak of the God of doctrine; it speaks of the God of Presence and compassion.

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