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    Divine secrets – Nitzavim

    The secret things belong to God; the revealed things are ours. (Deut. 29:28)

    In the basic sense, the secret things are the sins we commit away from human scrutiny, but it is also possible to interpret the verse as saying that there are limits to the human mind and we will never be able to delve into the Divine secrets about God and His universe.

    It is a mistake to expect a sudden flash of understanding so that everything in the world is laid bare.

    Humans are very clever beings and there is hardly an area of investigation which remains outside our ken – except for the really important things, the elements of existence and Creation.

    It’s hard to discover that we have limits and have to learn humility. Yet the fact is that God is Melech Elyon, the Supreme King, and man is merely Melech Evyon, the Lowly King who finds it hard enough to understand himself.

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